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Copper wire mesh is a type of metal mesh made from pure copper wires that are woven together to form a mesh fabric. These meshes are typically used for different purposes, such as in construction, agriculture, and industrial applications.

At Chinafence, we offer high-quality copper wire meshes that are known for their durability, flexibility, and resistance to corrosion and wear. Our copper wire mesh products come in various sizes, styles, and patterns to meet different customer needs.

Applications of Copper Wire Mesh

Copper wire meshes have numerous applications in various industries, including:

1. Mining industry

Copper wire meshes are used in mining to help separate and filter out different types of minerals and ores. They are also used in the electrolysis process, where copper wire meshes act as cathodes.

2. Construction industry

Copper wire meshes are commonly used in construction as a reinforcement material for concrete walls and floors. They are also used as decorative elements in buildings.

3. Agriculture industry

Copper wire meshes are used in agriculture to protect crops from insects and other pests. They are also used as bird netting to prevent birds from damaging crops.

4. Industrial applications

Copper wire meshes are used in various industrial applications, such as in the production of electronic components, filters, and screens. They are also used for shielding purposes in electronic devices.

Advantages of Copper Wire Mesh

Copper wire meshes offer several advantages over other types of metal meshes. Some of these advantages are:

1. Durability

Copper wire meshes are highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures, and corrosive environments.

2. Flexibility

Copper wire meshes are flexible and can be easily molded into different shapes and sizes. This makes them more versatile and adaptable to different applications.

3. Resistant to corrosion

Copper wire meshes are resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for use in marine environments and other corrosive environments.

4. Conductivity

Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity and can be used for electrical applications. Copper wire meshes are also used for RF shielding and EMI/RFI protection.


Copper wire meshes are a versatile and durable material that has various applications in different industries. At Chinafence, we offer high-quality copper wire mesh products that are suitable for different applications. If you are looking for copper wire mesh products, contact us today, and we will be happy to help you.

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Top Quality Steel Grating: Expanded Metal, Bar Grating, and More

Metal bar grating for floor is a highly versatile and durable flooring option that has many benefits. It is made from high quality steel that is strong enough to withstand heavy loads and constant foot traffic. In addition, it is easy to install, maintain and clean. Metal bar grating for floor is commonly used in industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and even public spaces like parks and stadiums. In this blog, we will discuss why metal bar grating is the best flooring option for your property.Benefits of Metal Bar Grating for FloorDurability: Metal bar grating for floor is made from quality steel that can withstand heavy loads without bending or breaking. It can easily handle the weight of heavy machinery and equipment, making it the ideal choice for industrial facilities.Safety: Metal bar grating for floor provides excellent slip resistance, even when wet. This makes it a safe choice for areas that are prone to water spills or frequent rainfalls.Cost-effective: Metal bar grating is a cost-effective flooring option, as it requires minimal upkeep and maintenance. It lasts for many years with minimal wear and tear, which means you don't need to invest in expensive repairs or replacements.Easy to Clean: Metal bar grating is easy to clean, as it doesn't trap dirt or debris. You can simply sweep or hose it down to keep it looking clean and new.Versatile: Metal bar grating for floor can be customized to fit any space or design requirement. It can be cut and shaped to fit unusual spaces, and you can choose from a variety of colors and finishes to suit your design needs.Applications of Metal Bar Grating for FloorIndustrial Flooring: Metal bar grating for floor is commonly used in industrial facilities as it can withstand heavy loads and constant foot traffic. It is also easy to clean and maintain, making it the ideal choice for industrial environments.Commercial Flooring: Metal bar grating for floor is also used in commercial buildings like restaurants, retail stores and showrooms, where it provides excellent slip resistance, durability and ease of maintenance.Public Spaces: Metal bar grating for floor is also used in public spaces like parks, walkways and stadiums. It provides slip resistance, durability and a modern look that is perfect for public spaces.ConclusionMetal bar grating for floor is an ideal choice for any property that requires durable, slip-resistant and easy-to-maintain flooring. It is versatile, cost-effective and customizable, making it suitable for a variety of applications. Whether you are looking for flooring options for your industrial facility, commercial building or public space, metal bar grating for floor is the perfect choice. Contact a steel grating manufacturer today to learn more about how metal bar grating can enhance your property.

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Hexagonal Grid Bar Grating for Concrete Framing Now Available

for Concrete, HEXMESH Grating, Concrete Reinforcement, and McNICHOLS.Concrete is a versatile and durable material used in construction for its strength, longevity, and aesthetic appeal. However, concrete structures are also susceptible to cracking and blistering due to stresses from temperature changes, heavy loads, and other factors. That's why it's important to reinforce concrete with materials like bar grating to improve its resilience.Galvanized Bar Grating for Concrete is a type of industrial flooring made from welded or riveted steel grating bars. It is designed to add strength and durability to concrete structures while improving their load-bearing capacity and preventing cracking. The grating provides a slip-resistant surface that also allows for ventilation and light transmission.HEXMESH Grating is a particular type of bar grating primarily used in concrete framing and reinforcement. It is made from rectangular bars that are clinched together in a hexagonal grid pattern. This unique design allows for greater flexibility and lateral movement of the concrete without causing damage.McNICHOLS is a leading supplier of industrial metal products, including bar grating for concrete reinforcement. Their Clinched HEXMESH Grating is an excellent choice for concrete applications, given its strength, durability, and easy installation. This grating is also resistant to corrosion, making it a low-maintenance option for long-lasting concrete structures.McNICHOLS Clinched HEXMESH Grating is used in a wide variety of concrete applications, including walls, flooring, and refractory linings. This material is particularly useful in industrial settings where concrete structures are exposed to heavy loads, extreme temperatures, and harsh chemicals.In conclusion, Galvanized Bar Grating for Concrete, specifically HEXMESH Grating, is a reliable and efficient approach to reinforcing concrete structures. McNICHOLS' Clinched HEXMESH Grating is a high-quality product that provides superior durability, strength, and resilience to concrete applications. By incorporating this technology, constructors can reduce the risk of cracking and blistering, and ultimately save time and money in the long run.

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HEXMESH Grating: The Ultimate Solution for Concrete Framing

for Concrete, Concrete Framing, McNICHOLS, and Hexagonal Grid.When it comes to creating durable and reliable concrete structures, framing is key. Without proper reinforcement, concrete can be prone to cracking, blistering, and other types of damage. That's where galvanized bar grating for concrete framing comes in. And in particular, McNICHOLS Clinched HEXMESHGrating has proven itself to be a top choice among builders and construction professionals.What sets HEXMESHGrating apart is its unique hexagonal grid structure. Made with rectangular bars that are clinched together, this grating provides exceptional support and reinforcement for concrete structures. It helps to evenly distribute weight and pressure, reducing the likelihood of cracking or other types of damage. And because it's available in a variety of sizes and configurations, it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any project or application.One of the biggest advantages of McNICHOLS Clinched HEXMESHGrating is its versatility. It can be used in a wide range of concrete applications, from walls and floors to refractory installations. And because it's made with galvanized steel, it's highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and other forms of weathering. This makes it ideal for use in outdoor or industrial settings, where durability is paramount.Beyond its practical benefits, HEXMESHGrating also offers a sleek and modern aesthetic. Its hexagonal pattern adds visual interest and texture to concrete structures, helping them to stand out and make a statement. And because it's available in a range of finishes, including black and hot-dipped galvanized, it can be customized to match any design or color scheme.At McNICHOLS, we're proud to offer HEXMESHGrating as part of our extensive selection of concrete framing solutions. With 19 locations across North America, we're able to provide fast and reliable service to builders, contractors, and architects. Whether you're working on a small residential project or a large-scale industrial installation, we have the expertise and resources to help you get the job done right.In conclusion, choosing the right concrete framing materials is essential for any construction project. And when it comes to durability, reliability, and versatility, McNICHOLS Clinched HEXMESHGrating is a top choice. From its unique hexagonal grid structure to its rust-resistant galvanized steel construction, this grating offers a range of benefits that can help ensure the success of any concrete installation. So if you're looking for a top-quality concrete framing solution, look no further than HEXMESHGrating from McNICHOLS.

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Top-quality Concertina, Razor, and Barbed Wire available from Manufacturers in Kolkata, India

, Razor Wire, Barbed Wire, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Wholesale, Kolkata, IndiaIn today's world of heightened security concerns, people are increasingly looking for ways to secure their properties. This is where the usefulness of concertina wire, razor wire, and barbed wire comes into play. These types of wire have been used for decades to prevent intruders from accessing properties, and they continue to be popular options today.If you are looking for high-quality concertina wire, razor wire, or barbed wire, then you need to contact reliable manufacturers and suppliers. In Kolkata, India, Om Wire and Wire are renowned manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers of these types of wire.Concertina WireConcertina wire is a type of razor wire that is manufactured by twisting two strands of wire together to create a spiraling effect. The wire is then formed into coils, which can be used for fencing and other security applications.One of the main advantages of concertina wire is that it is highly effective at deterring intruders. The sharp spikes on the wire make it difficult for anyone to climb over the fence or wall that it surrounds. Additionally, the wire is designed to unravel and expand, making it an effective barrier against even the most determined intruders.Razor WireRazor wire is similar to concertina wire in that it also consists of sharp, twisted wires that are formed into coils. However, razor wire is usually made from thicker and more durable materials than concertina wire. This makes it a more effective deterrent against intruders.Razor wire is commonly used for security fencing and is often installed on walls, fences, and gates. In addition to deterring intruders, it also serves as a visual warning that the property is secured and not to be crossed.Barbed WireBarbed wire is a type of wire that has sharp points on it, and is used for fencing and other security applications. It consists of two or more strands of wire that are twisted together, with sharp barbs placed at regular intervals.Barbed wire is typically less expensive than other types of wire, and is often used for temporary fencing or in rural areas to prevent animals from entering crops or grazing fields.However, barbed wire can also be used for security applications. When installed on top of walls or fences, the sharp barbs make it difficult for anyone to climb over or gain access to the property.ConclusionIf you are in need of concertina wire, razor wire, or barbed wire, then you need to contact reliable manufacturers and suppliers. Om Wire and Wire are renowned manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers of these types of wire in Kolkata, India.By installing concertina wire, razor wire, or barbed wire on your property, you can significantly increase its security and prevent intruders from accessing your premises. These types of wire are highly effective and are widely used around the world for security purposes. Contact Om Wire and Wire today to learn more about their range of wire products and how they can help you secure your property.

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Gabion Baskets Wall for Site Boundary and Access Road Construction

and Industrial Access Road. In today's world, development and expansion are always on the rise, which often results in the need for new access roads and retaining walls. Gabion baskets or Gabion retaining walls are an ideal solution for retaining site boundaries, protecting against soil erosion, and creating access tracks or industrial access roads. Gabion retaining walls are environmentally friendly, economical, and offer high durability.Gabion baskets walls are essentially wire mesh baskets that are filled with rocks or other similar materials and placed in an orderly fashion to act as a retaining wall or fence. Gabion baskets walls offer several advantages over traditional brick or concrete walls. They are better-suited for use in uneven terrains, offer increased permeability, and are more naturally attractive.Gabion retaining walls are anideal solution for both commercial and domestic use. One of the primary applications for Gabion baskets walls is for the creation of access tracks along the length of an existing train station. They are ideal as retaining walls for paths or routes, and because of their high durability, they can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy machinery. The use of Gabion retaining walls for industrial access roads is also trending rapidly, with many industries using Gabion baskets walls to create secure and durable access roads within their factories. This is because Gabion baskets walling is stronger than traditional concrete walls and is also more environmentally friendly.Gabion retaining walls are easy to install and are a great alternative to traditional retaining walls. Unlike concrete or brick walls, Gabion baskets walls are flexible and can adapt to the shape of the terrain. Since gabions can be filled with a wide variety of materials, they can be used to create walls of varying heights. They are also ideal for use in areas with high rainfall, as gabions allow for excellent water seepage, which helps prevent soil erosion.Gabion retaining walls can be used for different purposes such as garden features, flower beds, and terraced gardens. These walls are not only functional butelegantly stylish and can blend well with the surrounding environment. They can also be used as decorative features to create a beautiful garden space. Gabion baskets walls come in different colors and materials, and using them as garden features can add unique variety to your home and garden life.In conclusion, Gabion retaining wallsare the perfect solution for creating access tracks and industrial access roads. They are durable, easy to install, and more environmentally friendly than traditional brick or concrete walls. They offer unmatched flexibility and can be used for a wide range of purposes, from retaining walls for paths and routes to decorative features for gardens. So, if you're looking for a flexible, efficient, and cost-effective solution for retaining walls, then Gabion baskets walling is your answer.

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Top Concertina Wire Manufacturers in Kolkata Offering High-Quality Products

In Kolkata, India, Concertina Wire Manufacturers are highly sought after due to the increasing demand for high-quality security systems. One particular company that has become a favorite among consumers is Om Wire and Wire. Om Wire and Wire is a Kolkata-based company that has been providing reliable and high-quality security solutions to the Indian market for more than three decades now. The firm is known for its cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and its team of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to delivering exceptional service to their customers. As one of the top Concertina Wire Manufacturers in Kolkata, Om Wire and Wire has managed to create a name for itself due to its superior products. Concertina wire is a type of razor wire used to create high-security barriers, especially around military zones and prison facilities. It is also useful in areas with high crime rates or as a temporary fence for securing construction sites. According to the company spokesperson, "We understand that when it comes to security, you can never compromise on quality. That's why we have invested heavily in the latest technology and the finest materials to produce Concertina Wires that are truly one-of-a-kind. Our products have a high tensile strength, excellent corrosion resistance, and can withstand extreme weather conditions." Om Wire and Wire also offers Razor Wire, which is similar to Concertina wire but has smaller and sharper barbs. Razor wire is widely used in military zones, prisons, airports, and other high-security areas due to its superior security features. The company offers razor wire in different sizes and specifications, making it highly customizable based on its clients' needs.Barbed wire is also a popular product offered by Om Wire and Wire for fencing. However, it is less sharp than razor wire and more of a deterrent. Barbed Wire Wholesale is well-known for its low cost and durability, making it suitable for perimeter fencing around farms, gardens, and property boundaries. The spokesperson mentioned that Om Wire and Wire enjoys significant market dominance due to its superior quality and affordable pricing. "We provide our clients with end-to-end solutions, from design to installation, ensuring that each project meets their specific needs. At Om Wire and Wire, we understand that security is not just a physical barrier; it's a promise of safety and protection," she added.As the demand for high-quality security solutions continues to rise globally, Om Wire and Wire is poised to expand its base beyond India. The company is looking to leverage its expertise and experience to cater to the growing needs of its international clients, especially in developed markets like North America, Europe, and Australia.In conclusion, Om Wire, and Wire's products, including Concertina Wires, Razor Wires, and Barbed Wire Wholesale, are integral to the Indian security landscape. The company's dedication to high-quality standards and affordable pricing has contributed significantly to its success in Kolkata and beyond. Going forward, Om Wire and Wire is set to become a global player in the security products sector, driven by its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation in the industry. Overall, the Concertina Wire Manufacturers in Kolkata, Razor Wire Suppliers, and Barbed Wire Wholesale divisions of Om Wire and Wire continue to provide the best quality solutions to the Indian market. Their solutions are affordable, innovative, and offer peace of mind to customers who rely on their security every day. Regardless of its clients' security concerns, Om Wire and Wire is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

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Prefabricated Welded Wire Mesh: An Overview

- Benefits, Applications and TypesWelded wire mesh is a popular industrial product that is used in a wide range of applications. It is made by welding a series of parallel longitudinal wires to cross wires at the required spacing. The result is a strong and durable mesh that can be used for fencing, construction, agriculture, and many other purposes.Benefits of Welded Wire MeshWelded wire mesh has many benefits when compared to other types of wire mesh. For example, it is stronger and more durable than woven wire mesh because the wires are welded together at every intersection. This makes it less likely to break or unravel, even under heavy loads.Another benefit of welded wire mesh is that it is easy to install. It comes in rolls or panels that can be quickly and easily installed using standard tools. This saves time and money on installation costs.Welded wire mesh is also highly customizable. It can be made to fit virtually any size or shape, and can be coated in a variety of materials to protect against corrosion, rust, or other forms of weathering.Applications of Welded Wire MeshWelded wire mesh is widely used in a variety of applications. One of the most common is fencing. It is used to create strong and durable fences that can withstand the elements and provide security for homes, businesses, and other properties.Another common application is in construction. Welded wire mesh is often used as reinforcement for concrete structures such as bridges, buildings, and walls. It can also be used in flooring, roofing, and other applications where strength and durability are essential.In agriculture, welded wire mesh is used to create cages and enclosures for livestock and other animals. It can also be used in farming and gardening to create trellises, plant supports, and other structures.Types of Welded Wire MeshWelded wire mesh comes in many different types, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits. Some of the most common types include:- Galvanized welded wire mesh: This type of mesh is coated with a layer of zinc to protect against corrosion and rust.- PVC coated welded wire mesh: This type of mesh is coated with PVC to provide additional protection against weathering and other forms of damage.- Stainless steel welded wire mesh: This type of mesh is made from high-quality stainless steel, making it highly resistant to corrosion and rust.- Welded wire mesh panels: These are pre-fabricated panels that can be quickly and easily installed to create fences, enclosures, and other structures.ConclusionWelded wire mesh is a versatile and durable industrial product that is used in a wide range of applications. It is strong, easy to install, and highly customizable, making it a popular choice for fencing, construction, agriculture, and many other purposes.If you're looking for a reliable and durable wire mesh solution, consider welded wire mesh. With its many benefits and applications, it is a great choice for any industrial or commercial project.

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Discover the Versatility of Perforated Metal Sheets for Your Project

- Uses, Benefits, and Applications.Perforated metal sheets have a wide range of uses, benefits, and applications across various industries. They are popular among architects, designers, and engineers because of their versatility and aesthetic appeal. Perforated metal sheets can be used for both decorative and functional purposes, and they come in various sizes, patterns, and materials.Uses of Perforated Metal SheetsPerforated metal sheets are used in many industries, including construction, architecture, automotive, aerospace, and industrial manufacturing. In the construction industry, perforated metal sheets are used for noise reduction, interior and exterior design, ventilation, and sun shading. In the automotive industry, they are used for heat dissipation, air filtration, and engine covers. In the aerospace industry, perforated metal sheets are used for air filters, noise reduction, and interior design. In the industrial manufacturing industry, they are used for filtration, separation, and protection.Benefits of Perforated Metal SheetsThere are several benefits of perforated metal sheets, including durability, strength, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Perforated metal sheets are highly durable and can withstand extreme temperatures, weather conditions, and corrosive environments. They are also strong and can support heavy loads and pressure. Perforated metal sheets are flexible and can be easily shaped and molded to fit various design and functional requirements. Finally, perforated metal sheets are cost-effective and offer a long-lasting solution for many applications.Applications of Perforated Metal SheetsPerforated metal sheets can be used for a wide range of applications, including:1. Architecture and Interior Design - Perforated metal sheets can be used for decorative purposes, such as wall cladding, ceilings, partitions, and screens. They can also be used for functional purposes, such as sun shading, ventilation, and soundproofing.2. Automotive and Aerospace - Perforated metal sheets can be used for air filters, engine covers, heat dissipation, and noise reduction.3. Construction - Perforated metal sheets can be used for noise reduction, interior and exterior design, ventilation, and sun shading.4. Industrial Manufacturing - Perforated metal sheets can be used for filtration, separation, and protection.ConclusionPerforated metal sheets are a versatile and cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications across various industries. They offer both decorative and functional benefits and come in various sizes, patterns, and materials. If you are looking for a durable and long-lasting solution for your design or functional requirements, perforated metal sheets are an excellent choice.

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How to Calculate Resistance per Foot for 2 Gauge Wire

and Electrical Wiring.Electrical wiring is an essential component of any building, residential or commercial. The wires in a building provide power to various appliances, machines, and lighting fixtures. However, the type of wire used for electrical wiring can make a significant difference in the safety and performance of the electrical system. In this blog post, we will explore the properties of 2 AWG, or 2 gauge wire, and how it is used in electrical wiring.2 AWG wire has a diameter of 0.4728 inches and a cross-sectional area of 0.1441 square inches. It is commonly used in electrical wiring for heavy-duty applications, such as in industrial settings. This wire is made of copper, which is an excellent conductor of electricity. Copper wires are preferred in electrical wiring over other materials due to their conductivity, durability, and reliability.One of the most critical factors to consider in electrical wiring is wire resistance. The resistance of a wire is the opposition it poses to the flow of electric current. 2 AWG wire has a low resistance due to its high cross-sectional area, which allows more current to flow through it without overheating. Overheating is a common problem in electrical wiring, which can lead to fires and other hazards. Therefore, using wires with low resistance is crucial for the safe operation of the electrical system.Another essential factor to consider in electrical wiring is the insulation used on the wire. Insulation is a material that is placed around the wire to protect it from damage, abrasion, and moisture. It also provides an added layer of protection against electric shock. Wires that are not properly insulated can lead to short circuits, which can be dangerous. 2 AWG wire generally comes with a thick layer of insulation to provide maximum protection against damage and electrical hazards.2 AWG wire is also commonly used in the construction industry for binding purposes. Bindling wire is a thin, flexible wire used to secure structures and materials in place. 2 AWG wire is ideal for binding applications due to its strength and flexibility. It is also resistant to rust and corrosion, making it suitable for use in harsh environments.In conclusion, 2 AWG wire is a heavy-duty wire commonly used in electrical wiring and binding applications. Its low resistance, thick insulation, and excellent conductivity make it a reliable and safe choice for electrical wiring. Additionally, its strength and flexibility make it ideal for binding purposes. If you are planning to wire your building, consider using 2 AWG wire for heavy-duty applications, and always consult a licensed electrician for installation and safety guidelines. Remember to choose the right wire for the job to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your electrical system.

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